What Breaks the Mind Barriers Of A Killer?

The profile of a mass murderer was recently aired on Australian television and the report was chilling. A young fellow set on a career in the army was an immaculate shot yet went off his head and was discharged. Told in training that he was presented an executioner it appears this may have set off his dangerous rage which finished with 7 dead and 146 injured. The idea entered my thoughts of what number of young fellows are destined to execute and what breaks their barrier?

Amongst living and slaughtering, there is a gigantic wall of resistance in a great many people. That citadel is impermeable under normal circumstances however officers have to break it to carry out their activity. That is the army has to cut it down and that is what their training is about. They learn that they are not slaughtering individuals but rather a foe, that is someone whom they assess does not should live.

So how would they see that other being from whom they take away life? What makes them act in a manner that is anti-human, or is it? Our nearest animal cousins, the apes, execute each other yet not for the same reason. They don’t kill another ape as an adversary yet as a rival for their sexual partner.

The most animals battle to ensure their sexual rights and they will ward off predators from their young, however, few move toward becoming executioners. Not all humans who massacre others are benefit trained however something breaks inside them that give them the permission to do it.

The last couple of years have seen many submit slaughter of various individuals and there is less understanding of why? In the Charlottesville’s uproars today a young fellow drove his car at speed into a group and then backed it up pounding the life out of a young lady and injuring several others. He is apparently fixated on the perspectives of the White Supremacy Movement.

With so many savage motion pictures, games, and songs drawing such contemplations into the brains of the youthful are they growing up with various mentalities? Are they being programmed into lethal traits from a youthful age that is brain-washing them to be executioners?

What Happens When the Protectors Become the Predators?

Anyone who even vaguely follows the news will know that within the last couple of decades, the topic of police violence and accountability has escalated considerably. With a high number of high-profile instances that involve white policemen shooting black civilians, the question arises… what occurs when the guards become the predators?


The people who apply the law should not be above it


Having a gun, a uniform and a badge do not necessarily mean the world is the playground, in which you are able to do exactly what you like without outcome. Law enforcers should be present to safeguard the law and be sure it is being followed closely, safely. This doesn’t indicate that they’re exempt from obeying the law enforcement themselves. The exact principles that apply to you and I must always apply to law enforcers too. This doesn’t indicate that “self-defense” may be used with reckless abandon.


Law-enforcement is your modern-day executioner of individuals of color


You just have to check at the instances of Manuel Loggins Jr., Sean Bell, Michael Brown and even more to realize that there is a rising tendency of white police executing black people without cause or reason. Police are there to protect all citizens, to not make rash choices dependent on the color of someone’s skin, or according to their own prejudices. The assumption of white police that black women and men are trouble-makers and dangerous simply leads to more execution and unfair stigma across young black guys.


Law authorities and hired killers


Philander Castile and Alton Sterling were unarmed but were still taken down by police. As a result of this, 5 policemen were later shot dead. There are a few conspiracy theories that these two incidents were really intended by law enforcers. Some people today believe that the killing of five policemen has been a planned assault in order to spend the relevance from the Dark Lives Matter movement which has been gaining traction.


This implies that within the agencies who are responsible for the protection of citizens, there are those in power who will make decisions with white supremacist intentions. By having the existence of white supremacists in law enforcement, this usually means that the execution of people of color is likely to continue.


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