A Templar Secret Almost Betrayed?

A Templar Secret Almost Betrayed

I will never forgive myself for my carelessness. There it was, translated, it would appear, from  French and I let it go. The problem was, that being a particularly high official of the much-criticized modern order of the Temple and a journalist at that, I had often interpreted things like these as hysterical nonsense. I assume it was the product of a very fertile imagination, but there were aspects with respect to the period in which I read it that disturbed me.

The members who kept me well supplied with researched and archive documentation came from ancient Templar families and they were not certain of what I had inherited from the Order itself.  Knowledge of any value it would seem was only handed down by those who had it through people or family members whose special initiation, depended on trust and strength of conviction. I suspect that it was intended to provoke a reaction and was bait, based on truth perhaps.  It was written in English, clear English and well before any of the Indiana Jones charades were projected which could have made me think that their creators had something to do with it. I did not in any case attribute any significance to the statements, not being particularly scientifically minded.

It had remained ingrained in my mind even before I embarked on what was probably the most exhaustive study of the nature of Templar philosophy and hidden knowledge, ever undertaken by members. Academics on the subject are generally very dismissive of the Order and its survival and even recent, so-called, definitive studies have the aggravating affront to affirm what they do not know or ever hope to understand from sanitized public documents and so-called secret rules. These limited studies arrive at false conclusions based on what the public was expected to see and not what was being discussed, applied and cryptographed for those looking for the signs. In fact, according to some, it is not for academia to go against established thinking if there is no obvious evidence to the contrary.  And yet for anyone with a bit of imagination can see a huge variety of coincidences and underlying meanings that of themselves speak on another, much more meaningful plane. Without a proper evaluation of the behavior of the knights and the possible reasons for their symbols, there is no key to go further into their cryptic and often badly disguised inheritance. The understandings that were utilized in the context of internal teachings produced mistaken beliefs in some, patently contrary to that put forward by the ecclesiastical authorities. There was no need to hide these beliefs from the Church which knew only too well what they meant. The work undertaken by the founders of the Order was done in the name of and for the Church authorities who had doubts about their ability to get away with it.  It was the release of this knowledge to the outside world that put the Church on its guard especially when it took public obedience and fear away from them.

It was the gradual emergence of similar deductions from different quarters, including hostile accusations, that enabled me to evaluate the documents that the modern order had inherited. The detractors of the Order and certain simpleton modern writers took in by spurious Masonic claims, had completely ignored the nature of the curious documents available from the French National Archives. The Order always referred to these as the treasures and indeed they were in terms of what they meant to those who inherited the knowledge.  Despite being laughed out of court by the usual institutions, the very existence of these documents denotes a contrivance that would have required the minds of Einstein and Nostradamus to invent them, in an attempt to bend the past. The modern documents and established symbols inherited by the Order are in fact proof of the survival of its survival even if the present so-called Templars have lost their way through the mediocrity of its recruitment and lack of application by its leaders of the terms of the constitution.  It was this conviction that led me to rifle through every nook and cranny to find that another curious piece of writing which I had thought was a load of unrelated nonsense because of its lack of heading or signature.  It was included among a large collection of French essays written by an eminent templar of the post second world war Order by the name of Norberto Castro of Costa Rica. He was the country’s representative to UNESCO and knew that the Order had not only survived but that the hidden knowledge had been handed down. Members of that quality formed the core of the Order in those early years of the 20th. century. I threw it out because it did not form part of that collection, but whoever handed it to me must have either had a very scientific mind or wanted to test my reactions.  I can only surmise that like some other ones which were translations from other languages, that it had been sent on old-fashioned fax machines with thermal paper and that these had darkened beyond recognition of characters. I have several of these including one that gave detailed information about the membership of a modern Scandinavian King to the Order and who had, in writing, refused to become head of the apprentices, which he called “boy scouts”. His membership, incidentally, had nothing to do with Masonic platforms, even if he was a member of that organization also as was often the case with Royals.

A Fragmented text.

The text had two key statements that stuck in my mind and I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would have included it in the dossier without the intention  of provoking a reaction or why the text was written in fragments if it was merely a Mickey Mouse piece of idiocy. I now know, having discussed the subject with members of ancient Templar families that it was probably taken from a letter written by a highly educated Templar of the 12th.century to State, Church or family connections on his return from the Holy Land –  may be the legendary and enigmatic Hugh de Payen himself.

The first statement said approximately “…..when it was lifted from the ground, the air became fetid and difficult to breathe and it returned to normal when it was put back after some time..”

The second one ” at one particular point of the day, the sun rays came through and the whole area was flooded with light as it came directly into the chambers enabling us to see everything around for some distance…..”

My own prejudice and strict, objective training dismissed it all at the time as stuff and nonsense of the type that the Order has been smeared with throughout the ages. In retrospect, I also have to take into account that this happened in the early seventies and long before any of the glossy writers like Baigent and Co.came into the scene.  Since the Holy Blood had been written on the back of Gerard de Sede I combed his writings for a clue as to the nature of these cryptic statements had been taken from there. De Sede mixed with high executive members of the Order at the time. This is reflected in his knowledge with respect to correspondence only available to the Grandmaster and Priors at the time, including the reflection that the Grand Master at the turn of the 19th.century was the ill-fated Duc de Brissac and the transmission of the leadership was effected via the startled bookseller in the middle of the night. The Duke was executed shortly afterward by the mobs.

The splitting of the Order

In the early part of last century, the Order had been divided into two halves to fit the needs of some very misguided executives who thought that without the support of the Church it could not survive. This highly skeptical attitude was adopted, mainly by Latin members who despite the fact that it was the Church which spent most of it time past and presents trying to destroy all vestiges of the Order always placed their unmitigated and misplaced loyalties in her unwilling hands.  The establishment attitude can be well understood in the context of some of the potentially dangerous information that the Early Templars and St. Bernard himself appeared to have found out about in their calculated searches throughout the Middle East. This knowledge is not too difficult to extract and both the modern order and many other splinter groups have inherited much of it at the top level. The result of this schizophrenic behavior on the part of the super Catholics within the Order of those early, post-war days, was the creation of a non-Catholic, Christian version under the authority of one called The Chef Mondial. He was in that instance based in Switzerland and under him, the non-Catholic branch grew rapidly, without religious prejudice, to overshadow the version based in Oporto and which had eventually lost most of its higher level members.  The truth of the matter was that a French Prince of the House of Chimay had already, some hundred years earlier,  told the Church to keep away and forever safeguarded the privacy and independence of the Order. In the transition period brought about by the Ecumenical movement, the return to normality and one indivisible Order created justifiable and important splinter movements unwilling to lend loyalty to the Vatican in this ambiguous way. The loss of a great deal of documentation was inevitable and among them, I am fairly certain was the original letter from which the translation handed to me came from. I have copies on file, taken from the French National Archives, of the correspondence for example of high-level 19th, century members like the royal Duke of Brabant on Templar letter headings complimenting Priors on their choice of new entries.  I mention this to show just how backward, academic investigations are with respect to matters which are looked down by the power establishments and on which these so-called independent scholars depend for with respect to the high academic office.  I often swam against a tide of academic prejudice when sourcing out material and even from within the Order as a result of the hatred generated by the fervent Catholics within the Order who felt, in their stupidity, that the Order belonged to a Church that dismissed it out of hand.  Much could be accounted for by the loss of the continental aristocracy as guardians of the movement (as a result of the French Revolution). All future, nonaristocratic leaders were to recoil or act unwisely when confronted with material for which they were ideologically unprepared, in contrast to the relative ease of absorption  (as a result of the strict family training), of the aristocratic, natural inheritors.

Dangerous predators.

The attempt on the part of a member of the well-known PD2 group associated with the murdered Calvi to absorb the identity and legitimacy of the Order and his aggressive correspondence with the Grand Master and myself, put a full stop on any attempts to file back much of the material that inevitably stayed behind in war-torn and Nazi-dominated Europe. The last Belgian Grandmaster Van den Berg was involved in the Resistance movement and his peculiar accidental death has been attributed to a Nazi execution. The attempt to hand all the international correspondence to the Regent Designate in Oporto failed.  His son, the present Regent, Fernando de Sous Fontes, was to bewail the lack of important material in his archives.

The implications of the curious text and subject of this exercise, are more than obvious to those who may know what it may refer to, but there is only one thing that can produce the sensation that the writer refers to with respect to the removal of the object from its base – ionisation of the air, and this means the existence of an electric field force attached to the object or its base. The document I read was way ahead of the ionizers I started to purchase in the eighties and long before the filming of Raiders of the lost Arc.  In any case why statements like those should have been written within a context of a letter long before then, will forever haunt me.

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